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Did you know that most people today breathe with approximately 10% of their lung capacity?

Did you know that every single aspect of your being requires high levels of oxygenation in order to thrive?

Do you want to thrive? 

Then its time to breathe.


There is a great deal of interest in breath-work these days, however very few modern techniques address the fundamental error in the ‘way’ that we breathe. Instead, rapid breathing is used to illicit a temporary euphoric state.

This is not a helpful, or healing strategy. It is a quick fix that has little long term benefit, because unless we address the way we are breathing for the other 23 and a half hours of the day, our mental programs will remain the same and likewise, there will be no healing impact on aspects of our physiology that may require attention.

The breath, when used CORRECTLY and CONSISTENTLY can be an extraordinary healing tool, however it must be approached scientifically, with time-tested techniques and the right attitude. Wanting a quick fix while not desiring to put in any real work is not the right attitude.

Everything CAN be healed. I have seen this with my own eyes. Things that most would call miracles. They are not miracles. They are expected results based on correct application of time tested methods, approached in the correct manner. That’s all.

You can heal and you can transform, however you will have to put in the time and effort required. No one else can breathe for you and there is no magic pill for genuine healing. No quick fixes, and no new wonder techniques that for some reason the Yogis didn’t figure out first.

There is no need for innovation. The Yoga tradition figured everything out thousands of years ago and tested their experiments diligently, refining their techniques over the millennia.

This training is an opportunity for you TO RECLAIM YOUR POWER, HEALTH AND TRUST IN YOURSELF by committing to an 80 Day COMPLETE IMMUNE SYSTEM REPAIR PRANAYAMA PROGRAM, as developed by the ancient Sages who were master healers in addition to being master Meditators.


This training is a comprehensive and cohesive collection of instructional videos, motivational and educational lectures, audio recordings and PDF documents to guide you step by step towards ultimate health and self-empowerment


It is now absolutely non-negotiable that we, personally take charge of our own health. From every direction, these last 2 years we have been bombarded. From the virus, to the jab, to the stress of financial loss, to the fear constantly being pumped out on mainstream media, our immune systems have taken a beating.

Thank God we are so resilient!! And thank God for the healing power of Yoga. No matter how many times we get knocked down, our incredible bodies, equipped with their extraordinary immune system will keep on fighting the good fight for us – if the conditions are optimal.

What is the optimal condition for self-healing and regeneration?

A highly oxygenated physical body coupled with a radiantly vibrant energy-body. THIS is optimal. A committed Pranayama practice is the most efficient, and safest way to achieve both.





We are only as good as

the amount of Prana we have access to

The practices included in this training have been a part of my practice, teaching and life for the last 20 years. I believe that they are a huge part my own personal and Yogic success. It is an honor, a privilege and a joy to share them with you.


What you will learn and practice during the 80 Days:


Three-part breathing, or ‘complete Yogic breathing’ involves maximizing your lung capacity by utilizing all three sections of the lungs (lower, mid and upper) to form one complete, wave-like breath. This breath is the foundation of healthy breathing, healthy living and the backbone of all of the techniques found within this training. This practice promotes immunity, increases vitality and longevity, develops proper breathing habits, expands lung capacity and cultivates mental calmness and stability. 


Another name for Savitri is Gayatri, considered the most sacred ‘meter’ for chanting Mantra. Savitri is the breathing equivalent of this. There is no other breath ratio that offers such supreme balance to the nervous system and mind. This technique is incredible because it can be practiced safely at any time of day and by practitioners of all levels. It never stops being effective. It brings supreme balance to the mind and nervous system and prepares the mind perfectly for meditation, or can be used as a standalone Pranayama technique. 


Eka Dasi Kriya is a profound Pranayama technique spread across 11 consecutive days. The aim of this practice is to penetrate deeply into the layers of the subconscious mind, via the nervous system and deeper ‘nadi’ system, or energy pathways to clear out blockages. Most of these have been created through emotional experiences that were unresolved in the past and now need to be resolved to create true peace of mind. This intermediate level breathing technique is a complete Body-Mind-Energy reboot and system-upgrade that will radically improve your breath capacity, clear out blockages at all levels and help you develop a supremely stable and non-reactive mind.   


Pancha Sahita, meaning ‘the 5 energy flows’ is an extraordinary 45 Day healing practice for the physical body, specifically geared towards healing a selection of key organs and biological systems, including the heart, lungs, liver, digestive system and eliminatory system. This technique belongs to a larger grouping of practices known as Kaya Kalpa, which means ‘Body Rejuvenation’ science. The understanding behind this practice is that the physical aspect of our being unfolds from a deeper energetic, or Pranic layer. To heal something within physical body, we first have to recode, or reprogram the energetic aspect, otherwise whatever solution we offer at the physical level will be short lived. This practice is also designed to heal and strengthen your complete range of breathing – the inhalation, exhalation and capacity to hold the breath in and out, all of which are connected to dimensions of your mind.         


The culmination practice of the entire 80 Day program is the Pancha Laya Kriyas. This technique is an absolute God-send for the modern world. It is a way to protect yourself from all outside negative forces, whether in the form of viruses, EMF radiation, negative people, or negative energies and frequencies of any kind. This ancient method of deep realignment likewise provides you with an unshakable inner connection to that part of yourself that always knows exactly what to choose and how to show up in any given situation. The Pancha Laya Kriyas are designed to perfectly recalibrate your body and mind to the fundamental, spiritual blueprint that was the original governing force behind your decision to step into this world. It is the ultimate Pranayama technique.

This training also includes an extensive selection of amazing BONUS videos to further support you on your healing journey:

  • 45 pre-recorded videos including lectures, practices and bonus videos
  • Precise instructional guidance of all techniques
  • Comprehensive YOGA SUTRA manual
  • Lifetime access to all content
  • Access to FOR THE LOVE OF THE PRACTICE collective MeWe group

The course is led by Octavio Salvado – a dedicated, lineage-based Yogi and the founder and co-owner of The Practice – a leading educational institution in Bali committed to keeping traditional yoga alive.

The 80 Day Complete Immune System Repair Pranayama Program is the culmination of 20 years of deep breathing and dedicated self-practice. I know these practices work and are highly effective, because I use them all, religiously. However YOU WILL HAVE TO SHOW UP, DAILY, AND BREATHE. That’s the deal. I will guide you and tell you everything I know, but in the end, your efforts and your attitude will determine the results you get.

So if you’re going to go for it, really go for it. You will thank yourself that you did and I promise you this, your life will never be the same, because:


My goal is to get as many people across the world breathing correctly and in a way that truly empowers them. Hence the insane price:

This training was a major undertaking to film, record and create, however I know in the core of my being that as soon as humanity reclaims their breath, EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE. Humanity will step into its true power and potential, and that is more important than money.

Enjoy the program. Work hard and you will get the results you desire.

Then go and be a powerhouse force of nature in this world. You are needed.