MARCH 26 - 28, 2024

The Practice, Bali

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You are not your Mind.

You are pure Consciousness.

Eternally at Rest.

Learn the ancient science of Meditation.

Based on the core teachings of the Yoga Sutra.

Considered the final authority on Meditation.


 Yoga is Meditation.

It is the path to absolute freedom.

When it is practiced correctly.


Mindfulness is not Meditation. Neither are guided journeys. Meditation is the absorption of the Mind into a potent and positively charged Meditation-object within a pre-established energetic field at the center of the forehead or deep within the heart. Do not waist time with gimmicks and innovated systems that lack legacy. Practice the Truth. Practice the Science. Your life will transform forever if you do.

Three progressive systems to heal the lower-mind, access the higher mind and ultimately, transcend the mind altogether to touch in on that aspect of our being that is eternally free.


System one: Kriya Meditation.

Using lineage-sanctioned inner symbols as the Meditation object. This path was preferred by the ancient Hatha Yoga practitioners due to the systems energetically transformative potential.


System two: Mantra Japa Meditation.

Using lineage-sanctioned inner sound-codes as the Meditation object. Subtler than Kriya Meditation’s inner symbols, Mantra Japa seeks to absorb the mind into the subtle essence of various high-caliber silent Mantras and using them to transform the mind.


System three: Raja Yoga Meditation.

Using the subtlest object of all as the Meditation object: the higher Mind. Considered the highest path of Meditation within the entire Yoga tradition, Raja Yoga grants us access to the light, joy and intuitive brilliance of the higher-mind, which is the part of us that exists in closest proximity to Consciousness, our true essence.




MARCH 26 - 28, 2024

The Practice, Bali

Early Bird Rp 3,500,000 (until March 16)

Full price Rp 4,200,000  



There are no shortcuts to mental freedom and higher connection.

But there is a system. A time-tested, infallible system.

Learn everything you need to know to guide yourself through a

Two-year process of self-practice and radical transformation.

If you Meditate correctly, you will evolve. There is no doubt in this.


What you will learn.

What is Meditation?

Learn the time-tested science of quieting the mind, developing single-pointed focus and absorbing the mind into various Meditation objects for the purpose of dissolving negative mental programs, developing new, life-affirming mental programs and accessing the higher aspect of who we are.  


What isn’t Meditation?

Today many innovated systems are masquerading as Meditation, such as ‘Mindfulness’ practices. These have their benefit as it relates to developing presence, however Mindfulness is not Meditation. Neither are many techniques we find in the Yoga and new-age market today.   


Understanding Meditation Objects and Gates.

True Meditation always involves two things: a specific object that we absorb the mind into and a rich energy field that not only brings the object to life but also allows the mind to stay supremely stable throughout practice. 


Why are ancient methods still relevant today?

Even though these methods are thousands of years old, they are still as relevant today as they ever were. We still desire a life full of joy and free of pain. We still desire to know our own true power and capacity. We still desire to reconnect with the source of who and what we are. That is why these methods will never become outdated.  


The ideal set-up for a successful Meditation practice.

Particularly in the beginning stages of practice, it is important that we do everything we can to create a supportive environment. This means considering our space, the time of day and the Meditation seat that we choose.


Demystifying Samadhi: the process of mental absorption.

Samadhi, which means mental absorption into a Meditation object, can be achieved by anyone who is willing to practice diligently and correctly. For the most part, we have been misled and poorly educated about Samadhi. It is time to clear up the confusion. 


Core teachings on Meditation from the Yoga Sutra.

Meditation is the core of Yoga. Without Meditation practice we cannot legitimately say that we are ‘practicing Yoga’. The Yoga Sutra of the ancient sage, Patanjali is the ultimate manuscript on how to practice Meditation correctly. We will discuss key features of the Yoga Sutra throughout this program.


Correct breathing for different systems of Meditation.

The breath and the mind are intimately linked. How we shape one is how we shape the other. Because of this, working with the breath is one of the keys to success in Meditation. Furthermore, depending on our chosen Meditation object and gate, the preparation breath-work will be different. All of these things are essential to know before embarking on the Meditation journey. 


Best physical preparation for Meditation.

If energy is stagnant within the body, then our mind will be stagnant and Meditation will be much more difficult. Therefore, some form of intelligent physical preparation is required. We will explore several effective options.  


What is the mind ad how does it function in relation to Meditation?

Meditation is mastery over the mind and its roaming tendencies. Therefore, we must understand the mind, what it is, how it gets stuck and most importantly, its relationship to Consciousness, which is the higher aspect of our being.


Living a life that supports self-practice.

Practice will have little impact if the choices we are making in life are not supportive of Meditation. How can we live, eat, sleep and engage with the world in a way that is conducive to our practice?  


Kriya Meditation.

The first system of Meditation we will explore, using two semi-subtle Meditation objects to absorb the mind into. One to cultivate clear-seeing and the other to access the reservoir of limitless fulfilment contained within all of us. 


Mantra Japa Meditation.

Our second lineage-sanctioned system of Meditation utilizes two subtler objects in the form of silent (non-audible) Mantras, one short and the other longer. Japa means to ‘return again and again that which is sacred’. Japa is considered a powerhouse strategy for transforming the mind and accessing evolved knowledge and power.    


Raja Yoga Meditation.

Raja means ‘Royal’. Raja Yoga is the supreme path of Meditation, as taught by the sage’s Patanjali, Buddha, Kaplia and many more, utilizing the subtlest object of all – the objectified higher mind, expressing itself as pulsations of energy at the center of the forehead infused with light, joy and higher understanding. It is clear that of all the Meditation paths presented to the world over the last two thousand years, Raja Yoga reigns supreme.    


Designing a two-year practice.    

In the end, all that counts and the deciding factor between a mediocre life and an extraordinary one, is the intensity of your desire to practice and master your mind. Because a mind that is not tranquil, is unfit for any path. 





MARCH 26 - 28, 2024

The Practice, Bali

Early Bird Rp 3,500,000 (until March 16)

Full price Rp 4,200,000