Co-founder & Co-owner

of The Practice Yoga Institute, Bali.


how to meditate correctly
“My mission is simple:
to share Yoga with the world in the way that it was intended –
as a spiritual science with Meditation at its core,
not an exercise routine.”


Everything Octavio teaches is lineage-based, integrated over decades of hardcore commitment to personal practice and teaching. Yet even with 30 years of dedicated practice, he still considers himself a student above all else - a relentless student with unwavering loyalty towards this extraordinary path that has the potential to truly heal, realign and empower the world.

As an internationally recognized teacher, it is Octavio’s firm resolve to spend this life helping other dedicated students find more depth in their practices and more purpose, self-reliance, joy and freedom in their daily lives. He has absolute certainty that Meditation and its supportive practices, when practiced correctly, can provide this.

Octavio currently lives in Bali with his wife, Emma and their two kids, where together they run The Practice (link) – a Yoga institute dedicated to keeping the traditional teachings alive.

Yoga is Meditation.

It is the path to absolute freedom.

When it is practiced correctly.



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