how to meditate correctly


You are not your Mind.

You are pure Consciousness.

Eternally at Rest.

Learn the ancient science of Meditation.
Based on the core teachings of the Yoga Sutra -
Considered the final authority on Meditation.


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 Yoga is Meditation.

It is the path to absolute freedom.

When it is practiced correctly.


Mindfulness is not Meditation. Neither are guided journeys. Meditation is the absorption of the Mind into a potent and positively charged Meditation-object within a pre-established energetic field at the center of the forehead or deep within the heart. Do not waist time with gimmicks and innovated systems that lack legacy. Practice the Truth. Practice the Science. Your life will transform forever if you do.

Study three progressive systems of Meditation to heal
the lower-mind, access the higher mind and ultimately,
transcend the mind altogether to touch in on that
aspect of your being that is eternally free.
It's like switching on the light instead of fumbling in the dark.

If you want to learn about authentic Yoga as passed down by the Sages over thousands of years, do one of Octavio's courses! It will open your eyes to your potential and dispel many myths and misconceptions. It takes courage and application but the benefits are there for the taking. Find true direction in your practice.

Clive - Swansea UK 

System one

Kriya Meditation

Using lineage-sanctioned inner symbols as the Meditation object.

This path was preferred by the ancient Hatha Yoga practitioners due to the systems energetically transformative potential.

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System two

Mantra Japa Meditation

Using lineage-sanctioned inner sound-codes as the Meditation object.

Subtler than Kriya Meditation’s inner symbols, Mantra Japa seeks to absorb the mind into various expressions of high-frequency energy.

By doing so, we unlock our own high-frequency power and wisdom.

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System three

Raja Yoga Meditation

Using the subtlest object of all: the higher Mind.

Considered the highest path of Meditation in the Yoga tradition.

Raja Yoga grants us access to the light, joy and intuitive brilliance oft he Higher mind, which is the part of us that exists in closest proximity to Consciousness, which is our true essence.

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About Octavio Salvado

Everything Octavio teaches is lineage-based, integrated over decades of hardcore commitment to personal practice and teaching. Yet even with 30 years of dedicated practice, he still considers himself a student above all else - a relentless student with unwavering loyalty towards this extraordinary path that has the potential to truly heal, realign and empower the world.


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There are no shortcuts to mental freedom and higher connection.
But there is a system. A time-tested, infallible system.
Learn everything you need to know to guide yourself through a Two-year process of self-practice and radical transformation.

If you Meditate correctly, you will evolve.

There is no doubt in this.

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Ancient Science.
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This truly is how you get on the path to unlock your highest potential. It’s a powerful practice that we are so lucky to have access to.

Nina - Melbourne Australia.